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In short, I make quality, beautiful, affordable WEBSITES for small carpet cleaning businesses, and I set you up with all you need for your web site. I also provide the extra services you need to make the most of your website.

All of my customers operate one to three vans, and many are owner-operators.

This site is under construction winter 2012-13, and we aren't selling websites here, yet!

If you are interested in a website right away, please visit Be Competition Free™.

  • Quality Websites

    Clean, Beautiful, Appealing designs and written copy. A website you can be proud of.

  • Everything You Need

    Hosting, Maintenance, and Ongoing Updates are included.

  • SEO Services

    Optimizing your website so your customers can find you in search engines like Google.

  • Enhancements

    Optimization for Mobile Devices, Branded Email, Seasonal Designs, Social & Review Sites like Facebook & Yelp, More!

Your website is your store front. It's the most important first impression that you'll make on your customers online. So, we start with a quality, beautiful, clean, search-engine-friendly, hand-coded (that's important!) website that you can be proud of and your customers will appreciate. The layout, the colors, the artwork, and the written text - everything - is clean and clear, informative, useful, and pleasurable to navigate.

Extra services? What else do I need besides a website? Well, it really depends on your whole marketing scheme. At the bare minimum, you need a website. But you may also want to strongly consider other online services. You have probably heard of Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Angie's List, and other social and review websites. We can get you all set up with these important services. We'll take you step-by-step through the process, and we'll actually do most of the work for you.

And I'm sure you know about Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. In order for prospective customers to find your website, most will use a search engine. Search Engines (like Google) will display a list of sites when a customer searches for "carpet cleaning +their city". You want to be as high on that list as possible. The work that needs to be done on your website to help get you top spots on that list is called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short. SEO is the ongoing work we do on your website to help you compete for top placements when customers us search engines.

A professional website will have these characteristics…

  • Small, consistent improvements over time, but no fiddling
  • Clean and pleasing look and feel, not look cheap and thrown together by an amateur
  • Easy to read, easy to understand, easy to navigate
  • "Bullet-proof" web design (explained below)
  • Colors will match and compliment each other
  • Objects on the page will be spaced correctly
  • Targeted specifically for your audience, so they'll choose you!**

So you'll be proud of how you look, and customers will be impressed!

I'm a small business, like you. I'm dedicated to providing Simple, Fast, Quality, Clean, Search Engine Friendly, Freakishly Affordable websites for small carpet cleaning businesses in the United States, Canada, and England. If you are in the carpet cleaning business, I don't think you'll find a better value for your website marketing. Call the rest, then hire the best!

Because I ONLY do websites for carpet cleaners, I know the very specific needs of the carpet cleaning industry. Most web designers make websites for anyone who will pay them, but every industry has different needs. Do you know what a carpet cleaner needs that, say, a book store doesn't need? Neither do web designers in the phone book.

Thank you for visiting!

This site is under construction winter 2012-13, and we aren't selling websites here, yet!

If you are interested in a website right away, please visit Be Competition Free™.

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Steve Marsh
writes the Single Truck Success™ column in CleanFax Magazine, and is recognized in the Carpet Cleaning Industry for building a highly successful owner/operator business. He is also an IICRC Industry Instructor.